The National Leather Association–International (NLA-I) A central organization that oversees local chapters. Pan-sexual.

The Society of Janus Local San Francisco BDSM social/education organization. Predominantly heterosexual with significant homosexual participation. Approximately 25 years old.

The Eulenspiegel Society Local New York city BDSM organization. Heterosexual. Approximately 27 years old.

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom National political lobbying organization. Pan-sexual. Approximately 4 years old.

Leather Leadership Conference An attempt to pool the resources of educators and activists in the leather/fetish/SM community to promote community knowledge.

The Leather Archives & Museum The largest, most comprehensive collection of BDSM artifacts and literature in the world. Pan-sexual. Approximately seven years old.

The Tom of Finland Foundation An attempt to collect art from BDSM-related erotic artists from around the world. Initial collection based upon the estate of Touko Laaksonen (Tom of Finland). Originally homosexual male focus, but moving towards a pan-sexual collection.

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