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SM (Sadomasochistic) Interests as an Issue in a Child Custody Proceeding Summary from the paper: “Describes a child custody case centered on the fitness of the mother, who was involved in an SM relationship with her live-in boyfriend. Although the investigation confirmed that no child abuse had occurred, that the child was unaware of the mother’s sexual interests, that there were no incidents of inappropriate sexual activities in front of the minor, and that the child was doing well, the court severely limited the mother’s visitation and custody arrangements and ended her alimony. Practitioners of alternative sexual lifestyles have not fared well in child custody hearings, and this case is no exception. The present case indicates how the family court system can be biased against sexual minorities in general and SM practitioners in particular. In addition, the present case demonstrates how the DSM diagnostic criteria can be misused in dealing with alternative lifestyle practitioners. Recommendations for further education of the court and for future research are made.”

SM (Sadomasochistic) Interests as an Issue in a Child Custody Proceeding Patterns of Development and Practices in Today’s BSDM Subculture: Results from a Survey of BDSM Practitioners. Bienvenu, Robert; Jacques, Trevor. 6 November, 1999, Joint AASECT/SSSS meeting, St. Louis, Missouri.

Research Organisations

Community-Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities (CARAS)  Dedicated to the support and promotion of excellence in the study of alternative sexualities, and the dissemination of research results to the alternative sexuality communities, the public, and the research community.

Independent BDSM research project Web home of the most comprehensive study of BDSM practitioners to date.

Independent BDSM research The history of cultural styles and practices that are today associated with the leather/fetish/SM community.


Kink-aware professionals The largest listing of professionals who self-identify as kink-aware (and, presumably, as kink-positive).


The Deviants’ Dictionary Comprehensive glossary of terms for the BDSM sub-culture and communities.

The Safer SM Education Project of the AIDS Committee of Toronto was a continuing series of ‘101’ and ‘201’ seminars for practitioners (and professionals) interested in all aspects BDSM. Producers of one of the very first BDSM-and-health pamphletsthat remains the most comprehensive of its kind. The pamphlet, now a booklet, is the result of collaboration of health/AIDS professionals, educators, and practitioners and is available in both English and French. See the bottom of the respective web page for the pdf of each.

The Society for Human Sexuality Contains an attempt to collect bibliography of all publications with respect to NBDSM and other alternate sexual expressions.

Community and personal web sites and blogs

Lolita’s Pages Perssonal web site of a highly respected individual in the BDSM community. Contains up-to-date information about community events, as well as links to important BDSM resources.

Bullwhip Home PageA comprehensive list of resources for whip enthusiasts (BDSMers and others).

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