“…a real beauty. A pearl in an ocean of junk. It’s far better than most of the books I’ve read in these last years, …it’s fun to read and I learned a lot, not only about S&M, but about myself. And that’s a big achievement…. Loved it Trevor.”
Jürgen Boedt, Secret Magazine, (issue 11), Brussels, Belgium

“…one of the most comprehensive manuals for sadomasochistic play I have ever seen. Precise and methodical, On The Safe Edge should answer any imaginable question. …it demystifies the practice of SM sexuality and codifies the games in simple language for the average joe and josephine. …It will lead to a better understanding and acceptance of SM fans and fetishists. It may save lives. It could spice up your marriage. It will mean safer, saner fun….”
R. M. Vaughan, Books In Canada, Toronto, Canada

“The ultimate guide to S/M safety written by a medical and S/M practitioner. Essential for every S/M group, Dungeon Master and serious S/Mer.”
Mick Carter, Spanner BDSM non-fiction references, London, England

“…extremely useful. It contains an astonishing amount of information… …it covers…just about everything you can think of. …excellent safer sex guidelines. As far as practical information goes, this is the source. …the bibliography shows an attention to genuine medical and psychological resources. The emphsis is on safety first, period, educating the reader to avoid danger or injury, and if encountering it, to minimize the damage. I can’t imagine that anyone wouldn’t be able to find something useful and practical in these pages.”
Mitch Kessler, The SandMUtopia Guardian, New York, U.S.A.

“It’s difficult to imagine a more thorough, responsible, joyful guide to this most theatrical of pleasure worlds. …If it’s a door you hope to open one day (or have passed through many times already), take my advice: check your prospective Top’s or Bottom’s bookshelf first. Make sure this book is on it.”
Gerald Hannon, The Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper, Toronto, Canada

On The Safe Edge sets itself up as a manual on how to play SM safely. What it achieves, however, is the status of The Definitive Bible of SM…. Unusually for a manual (even a manual on sex), I found the book completely gripping. It is written in a very friendly and down-to-earth style, and made the process of learning… fun! Put this book on your bookshelf. It is truly invaluable.”
Scotsgay Magazine, Edinburgh. Scotland

“…a seminal publication.” “On The Safe Edge represents a major step forward in S/M writing… [it] can be described as an encylopaedia or textbook [of S/M practices]. However described, its publication is a landmark event for our subculture… No book on S/M has ever been designed to be as accessible as this one… The section on sexually-transmitted diseases [and] drugs… alone are worth the price of the book… On The Safe Edge serves our entire community, regardless of sexual orientation… Every S/M library should have this book… buy it as a present for yourself.”
Harold E. Cox, CheckMate & DungeonMaster, Pennsylvania, U.S.A..

“The authors have definitely achieved their ambitious goal. On The Safe Edge is the only SM how-to book that is going to work well as a continuing reference text. As a former college professor, text book author, and frequent SM teacher, I can only say to the authors, ‘Well done! I look forward to using your text to teach a course.'” “…Race Bannon, Guy Baldwin, and I were among the first [who the authors] approached to give advice and criticism on their–overly optimistic, I thought then–outline for the study guide. I was among the first to urge that, if they actually got it written, it must be published and made available to a wider source…. If you want a more detailed information source for the beginner… On The Safe Edge [is one of] the first [two] choices…. There is a glossary with 88 entries and 14 pages of index, making this very definitely the best reference work of the four [books] for which I have seen the final text….”
Dr. Anthony F. DeBlase (also known as Fledermaus), Portland, U.S.A., editor emeritus, Drummer magazine; editor, DungeonMaster

“I feel that On The Safe Edge is the best book about SM to come out this year. It is a must for your collection. When you read it, you’ll see why.”
Dave Rhodes, editor and publisher, The Leather Journal, West Hollywood, U.S.A.

“Book of The Month”
Gay Times Book Service, U.K.

“…extensive sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and safe sex information…. …an excellent, rigorous safety reference.”
Victoria Baker, editor, The SandMUtopia Guardian, San Francisco, U.S.A.

“Afficionados [of vigorous foreplay] will use anything that causes an unusual sensation–[clothespins,] ice cubes, sheepskin, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, gardening gloves, or chopsticks drawn across the nipple. [On The Safe Edge contains] a hilarious catalogue of [these] accessories. All we ever use [clothespins] for is laundry. Now, about that spin cycle….”
The Playboy Advisor, Playboy, Chicago, U.S.A.

“In the light of prevailing attitudes, a manual such as this … is a very positive step. Highly recommended.”
Skin Two, London, England

“The safety and medical information in this book is a unique compilation and would be a valuable addition to any SMer’s library.”
Prometheus, The Quarterly of the Eulenspiegel Society, New York, U.S.A.

“Thanks for this effort. It’s another valuable contribution to the literature on this most difficult and complex area of human behaviour.”
Guy Baldwin, M.S., author of Ties That Bind, and The Leather Contest Guide

“…explicit (and humorous) how-to manual.”
Details magazine, New York, U.S.A.

“Everything you wanted to know about dirty sex but were afraid to ask. On The Safe Edge is an extremely handy manual for anyone who like their sex on the rough side, but doesn’t want to end up inflicting GBH …It’s a cracker.”
Boyz, London, England

“In one place, On The Safe Edge contains all the basic safety information about sex, diseases, and sadomasochism that you need to know! Even if you’re not into SM, you’ll be using it as a safer sex reference for years to come.”
K.T. Chase, Ms NLA, 1993 and International Master, 1992, Portland, U.S.A.

“An excellent seller!”
John Scythes, owner, Glad Day Bookstore (the world’s oldest LGBTQ book shop), Toronto, Canada

“A long, long overdue and truly outstanding contribution to our people!”
Susie Shepherd, International Ms. Leather, 1989 & International Slave, 1992, Portland, U.S.A.

“This unique pan-sexual book satisfies your curiosities about SM, combined with an in-depth awareness of safety. It makes Men in Love read like a nursery rhyme.”
Sue Johanson, sex educator & counsellor, Toronto, Canada

“…the best introduction I have read into the mental, physical, and emotional dimensions of safe, sane, and consensual SM play.”
John RussellXtra! magazine, Toronto, Canada

“This book is an important addition to the growing body of work regarding safe, sane, and consensual S/M play.”
Race Bannon, author of Learning The Ropes & lecturer on SM safety, San Francisco, U.S.A.

“This guide promotes a safe, sane, consensual, and positive approach to sex and health. It is clear, thorough, and very readable. You have my full support.”
Ed Jackson, Director of Education, The AIDS Committee of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

“Written [by Trevor Jacques] in conjunction with Dr Dale, Michael Hamilton and Sniffer, this remarkably comprehensive book aimed at all genders and sexual orientations emerged out of a course in SM safety organised in Toronto. Mostly well-organised and clear and a very worthwhile investment, although with a tendency to both the clinical and the mystical. Page numbering system is a nice touch..”
The Dirty Book list of The Deviants’ Dictionary

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