Question: “…are there any books that have more specific listings, such as a geographic index of clubs?”
Answer: “Alternate Sources should do the trick… Buy an extra for your favorite library.”
The Playboy Advisor, Playboy, July, 1997 issue

“So you’re stuck in, say, Winnipeg for a week waiting for your car to be repaired, and you’re looking for an entrance to the alternate sex community. Where to look?
“Well, you could start with Alternate Sources, which boasts over 10,000 world-wide sex-related listings, organized and indexed by location, type and name. …You need a tattooist in Silver Springs, Maryland? It’s in here. You need gay friends in Kuala Lumpur? You can find them. You need fetish clothing in Tel Aviv? It’s in here.
“Hey, this book is even useful at home when weird Uncle Al shows up for a long weekend and wants to know where he can get his Prince Albert re-tooled.”
“…I prefer the CD version for ease of use.”
Libido magazine, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

“Milestone international perve and SM resource guide, covering everything from suppliers to support groups to Internet resources. Unsurprisingly, considering the latter, the book has its own web site; it has also recently been made available on CD-ROM.”
The Dirty Book list of The Deviants’ Dictionary

“This immense guide to alternate sexuality is a global resource directory and it is the best I have ever seen. …[it is] worthwhile and definitely worth the money. …In the age of mass communication by Internet, this book is still better and far more complete than any site known on the Net. Buy it, order it, and lose yourself in the best database ever put together.” (emphasis by Secret)
Jürgen Boedt, Secret Magazine, Brussels, Belgium.

“We’ve never received a directory as thorough, all-encompassing, or as well done as Alternate Sources…. Perusing a copy of Alternate Sources is like exploring a gold mine! …Alternate Sources is literally crammed with practical information concisely describing resources that advance the healthy exploration and/or expression of alternate sexuality. …An absolute ‘must-have.'”
EIDOS (Everyone Is Doing Outrageous Sex), Massachusetts, U.S.A..

“…acknowledged as the best guide to the global SM village (both gay & straight) yet published. …an invaluable companion for all those who have fetish and will travel.”
Ian Lowey, Desire Magazine, London, England

“Footloose on a fetish spree:
” …if you are interested in either king- or queen-sized nappies from Namibia to Liechtenstein, then this is the book for you. …The book is a serious cornucopia which provides detailed information on shops, magazines, Internet access, clubs, and pubs for the connoisseur. The world of kinky sex is laid bare! …it would make an ideal stocking filler for someone special this December.”
Jeff Baines, Gay Times, London, England.

“[The Alternate Sources search engine]: What a wonderful resource! …I have to make an exception for this project! It’s just too cool.”
Gloria Brame, co-author Different Loving

“…the world’s most comprehensive global listing of kinky references. …complete addresses, phone numbers, and online information for its many listings”
Dave Rhodes, editor and publisher, The Leather Journal, West Hollywood, U.S.A..

“One shouldn’t leave home without it, if one wants to explore the dark, dirty, and finer things in life.”
Xtra! magazine, Toronto, Canada

“[Alternate Sources] is an attempt to provide a guide to every known resource and every form of kink known in our community, it is the best guide to the S/M world, both male and female, yet published. …Strongly recommended.”
Harold E. Cox, CheckMate & DungeonMaster, Pennsylvania, U.S.A..

“Praise cannot be sung boisterously enough about this 458-page source manual for the sexually diverse…. fastidiously organized…. Alternate Sources is the only book of its kind with thousands of listings for every corner of the world. Your library will be incomplete without Alternate Sources.”
Redemption, Vancouver, Canada

Alternate Sources is a “Frommer’s” for sex. …It is a commonplace that dependable channels of mass communication are the philosopher’s stone for community development. …By providing the means for distributing a message to a well targeted sector of the population, Jacques’s directory extends the 20 years’ experience of organizing in the gay community to less developed sectors of the sexually active population. Alternate Sources should prove an invaluable resource to researchers looking for an entrée into these social worlds, à la Hooker. For those following Levine’s approach to comparative community research, it is one of the most inexpensive datasets you will ever acquire.”
Lloyd Gordon Ward & Robert Throop, Sexual Contact, Toronto, Canada

“The directory that lists everything the others don’t.”
Helen Gibson, Live TV, London, England

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